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Here's a little info on how it works:

For Blogging:

You tell us the images you want to go in a post and provide some bullet points about the session (vendors, locations, any fun or meaningful stries related to the day or the session, and we will:

  • Write at least 300 words of content
  • Resize the mages for web
  • Optimize the images (up to 20) and the content for SEO
  • Design the blog post  
  • Include a call-to-action that encourages the reader to get in touch 
  • Save as a draft 

All you ave to do is look it over once it's done and either publish or schedule post.

For Newsletters:

We'll set up a schedule ahead of time about what you want going out in a newsletter and when. We can include things like upcoming mini sessions, recent blog posts, holiday specials, calendar openings - basically anything your clients or potential clients want to hear about.

Once we have a schedule set up, we will:

  • Set up a free newsletter service (if you don't have one already)
  • Write the content for each newsletter
  • Include a link or call to action, if relevant
  • Design the newsletter
  • Schedule it to send

A yes, we can help you with all of this from beginning to end :)

Here are your service package options:

1 Newsletter + 1 Blog Post/Month

This is great if you have a lighter shooting schedule, and at least makes sure some of your sessions make it to the blog and you're at least keeping in touch with your newsletter subscribers.


1 Newsletter + 2 Blog Post/Month

If you want more regular blog posting, we can absolutely do that! We can put together two posts a month and a newsletter to make sure you're keeping in touch with your subscribers.


2 Newsletter + 2 Blog Post/Month

This is a great option if you've done newsletters in the past and/or used it to generate bookings. We can make sure you stay in touch with your audience and help you generate bookings!


1 Newsletter + 4 Blog Post/Month

This is a great option for you if you shoot multiple sessions a week. We can make sure your sesions see the light of day on your blog (and in your newsletters!) on an almost weekly basis.


Custom Package

Don't like any of the pre-packaed services? That's cool. We can work with you on coming up with a package that suits you and your business best.

Price Varies

Why Newsletters and Blog Posts?

Great question. I'm so glad you asked.

When done right, newsletters and blog posts can actually generate bookings - without you having to do a lot of work. 

Think about it this way.

Let's say a potential client (for this example, we'll say a bride) was searching for pictures of the venue she wants to get married at.

If your SEO is done properly, she lands on one of your blog posts that features a wedding you photographed at that venue.

She loves the pictures, and because the blog post encourages her to get in touch with you to set up a free consultation, she emails you ad books a consult.

You just acquired a lead without having to do any extra work (besides set up the initial blog post - or, even better, you paid someone else to do the blog post for you!).

Once that blog post is written, it exists on your website and has the potential to bring you leads.

Ok, so that's blog posts, what about newsletters?

Another great question.

Let's say you have a link on your site for people to sign up for your newsletters. 

You don't collect too many emails, but that's fine - over time, you've collected a couple hundred.

Now let's say it's a slow month, and you're looking to generate some bookings. You decide to do a day of mini sessions.

You email your newsletter list, and 5 people email back and book a mini session. 

You've now generated 5 bookings where previously there were none, all by sending out one quick email (or rather, having us do it for you). 

And if you do in-person sales, each of those mini sessions could turn into a sale of hundreds of dollars (and maybe even thousands). 

Is it starting to make sense now?

These are small things you can do to constantly be utilitzing different marketing avenues. It's all about knowing how to do it right to bring in the most leads with the least amount of work. 

Have some other questions?

Great! I will make up some answers!

Q: What if I don't have any recent sessions to blog about?

A: That's ok. You can create a blog post that showcases some of your favorite sessions from the season, or a list of favorite vendors in the area, or fun things to do as a family in your area, or even do something somewhat personal and talk about a trip you recently took. 

You don't always have to blog sessions, and in fact, blogging content that your ideal client would find helpful will only improve your chances of getting leads. If you help someone, they're more likely to trust you to do other things for them like take family portraits, photograph their wedding, etc.

Q: How do I share files and images with you?

A: Dropbox works really well for this, and I've been using it with clients for years. 

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Green. Next question!

Q: What if I don't have any newsletter set up now?

A: That's totally cool. We'll help you with that. We'll also use your blog content to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter so we can help you start growing your newsletter list as well. 

Q: How do I pay?

A: I set up a subscription via PayPal. All you have to do is put in your info once, and the system will charge your subscription monthly. 

Q: What if I no longer want your services, or want to change my service package?

A: Too bad, you're stuck for life. KIDDING! You can cancel or change your subscription any time. You're not locked into a year of service off the bat or anything like that. 

Q: Why do I have to pay a subscription? Why can't I pay as I go?

A: Good question! I've been in the photography industry almost a decade, and one thing I've learned is photographers are BUSY. This means that if I wait for them provide me content to blog, it ends up falling off the radar and doesn't get done.

I've found I get much better results with people sticking to their commitment if the payments are made up front. So this means you're more likely to stick with the service and make sure you're utilizing these valuable marketing solutions.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Totally cool. There's an option on the 'Choose My Package' page that allows you to ask other questions.

Q: Is anyone still reading these!?  

A: I have no idea Are you!?! Or have I completely bored you to tears at this point.

Q: Will I be charged as soon as I choose a package?

A: Actually, no. I want to hear about you and your business a bit first to make sure that you're choosing a package that fits your needs. I don't want you to be paying for a package that's way more than you need, and conversely, I don't want you to pay for a package that isn't enough! 

Once we decide which package fits best, I'll send along payment info.

Q: Can you work with any website template?  

A: Good question. Most websites have some sort of ability to add a newsletter signup. That's one thing I'll double-check when you fill out the form on the next page to choose your package.

Q: If I'm not happy with the service, can I get a refund?

A: The service is a no-refund service. However, even if you pay for a month and cancel partway through, we will still deliver and prep the content for that month, since you paid for it. You can also cancel any time, you're not locked into a multi-month service plan.